Booking System Access

  • Website access
    Members can book and cancel courts when logged in to this website, which also provides a facility for members to update their username, password, email address and contact details, and choose whether or not to be included in the members' directory.

  • Mobile phone access
    Members can book and cancel courts with their mobile phones on the following address:
    Please login with the same username and password.

Booking Rules

  • Only one court can be booked for singles.

  • Two consecutive courts may be booked for doubles.

  • Members may book a court up to 7 days in advance but not before 7.00 am each morning.

  • Members are encouraged to show the opponent's name.

  • Members playing on a court that has not been booked in their name before going on the court will be asked to leave the court.


  • Members are encouraged to cancel a court as soon as possible so that the court may be used by other members.


  • Guests must play with a member, and no more than twice in six months.

  • There are no guest fees, however guests are encouraged to join!

Light Meters

  • Card-operated light meters provide lighting at the rate of £3.00 per 45 minutes, and may be purchased over the bar at the Sports & Social Club.
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